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The Molten Rock Neighborhood Association is formed from houses developed within SAD227 boundaries. Essentially it is the area between 81st Street and Unser that is on top of the escarpment and south of the intersection of Rainbow Blvd and Unser Blvd. The by-laws have a map of the area in them.


The purpose of the Association is to provide the Owners of Lots and Livings Units and the Tenants residing within its boundaries a means to communicate with each other on civic and neighborhood matters and to provide for a means to preserve, protect, and enhance the quality of life in the neighborhood.

This association is a means to address our needs to the Westside Coalition of Neighborhood Association which provides a large political base for westside residents.

We DON'T enforce the governing covenants, that is the purview of the Architectural Control Committee of the Volcano Cliffs Property Owners Association.

Formation of the Association

After we formally agreed to form the neighborhood association in a meeting that took place September 25th and approving the draft bylaws, the Molten Rock Neighborhood Association (MRNA) was subsequently officially recognized by the city of Albuquerque as a neighborhood association in late October. There were a couple of minor edits to the draft bylaws that the city required. A copy of the final bylaws is available from the MRNA Board upon request.

The following individuals were re-elected as the MRNA officers for a period of one year starting in September 2011.

1.         President – Markku Koskelo
2.         Vice President – Mel Lyerla
3.         Treasurer – Ralph Davis
4.         Secretary – Chris Davis
5.         Member at Large – Lydia Ashanin

*NOTE: Chris Davis is unrelated to Ralph Davis


Molten Rock Neighborhood Association Bylaws

Compliance Form

Letter of Recognition

Map of Boundaries